Santa Claus with 3 women: 2 dressed as elves and one dressed as a reindeer. Gifts on a push cart that's acting like a sleigh

Santa Visit And Gifts For The Residents

The residents of Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center had quite a bit of fun the other day celebrating Christmas. To make sure staff could spend Christmas with the residents, the facility celebrated on Thursday of last week. Santa and his helpers brought many smiles to a lot of faces with many gifts. Hope everyone had…

group of kids standing and residents sitting while the kids sing christmas carols

Local Schools Came To Sing Christmas Carols

Thank you to the local schools that came by to sing Christmas Carols for the residents at Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center. The group brightened the facility and both residents and staff joined in a little. West Perry 6th graders and Hazard City School students- loved having everyone visit. Happy holidays.

lunch: group picture and they are standing in front of a stone wall with Santa

Lunch Date at Jabo’s

Last week, the department heads of Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center got together and had lunch at a local restaurant called Jabo’s. It was a time for staff to chat with each other, share stories, and give ideas about new ways to support the residents. Jabo’s is a local restaurant in Hazard, KY that opened…

a picture of a decorated christmas tree in the corner

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

This past weekend, staff at Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center started to make the facility look a little like Christmas. They put up decorations for residents and their families to enjoy for this holiday season. There are snowmen, trees, wreaths, and a few nativity scenes to make their place really feel like a winter wonderland.…

shopping: christmas gifts in red wrapping paper with stars and ribbon, blurry christmas tree in the background

Residents Go On a Christmas Shopping Trip

Yesterday, staff members of Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center took a few residents to the local Walmart to do some holiday shopping. The staff loaded everyone onto a bus and took them on a shopping extravaganza. Residents were able to get their loved ones gifts without having to get someone else to shop for them.…

an older woman sitting in her chair decorating ornaments

Residents Decorating Ornaments for Their Tree

Last week many residents participated in an activity of decorating ornaments for their trees. Residents got to create two different kinds of ornaments. A flat card version where some put a snowman, a Christmas tree, or a gingerbread man on it. The other is the traditional ball where they got to put fun colors together.…