summer: Crowd of people walking on a street, defocused.

Tips to help seniors stay cool this summer

With age, seniors can’t adjust their bodies to high temperatures as well as they did when they were younger, so they have to be careful of overheating and heat stroke during the summer. They are also more likely to become dehydrated which will increase their risk. This is a list of ways to stay cool…

Walker Fall: an older gentleman in a hospital gown using a walker

How to use a walker safely and comfortably

Many older adults that use a folding walker need it to move around more safely and independently. Learning how to use a walker correctly takes practice because the movements aren’t always intuitive. Using a walker incorrectly can actually increase the risk of fall or body aches. The first thing any adult needs to do when…

Fraud: black door with a mail slip that says "no junk mail"

How to prevent Elder Fraud

Elder fraud is a 36 billion dollar “industry” and they are making a business out of taking advantage of older adults. This is not only happening to the older or those with Alzheimer’s/dementia, but younger and educated seniors are losing money as well. There are 4 options to take advantage of to make sure you…

Spirit Week: group of people dressed in grass skirts and lays

Spirit Week

From July 29 through August 2, residents and staff participated in Spirit Week. Each day had its own theme and every one had a great time participating. Monday was Crazy Hair & Hat day, Tuesday was Tie-Dye day, Wednesday was PJ day, Thursday was Twinning day, and Friday was Aloha Day.

donation: boxes full of cookies

Donation of Cookies

Staff at Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center would like to send a huge shout out to the Viper Family Dollar Store #12293 for their donation. Thank you so much to Heidi Miller, Lisa Lucas, and the rest of the employees there for collecting cookies to be distributed to the residents.