three girls dressed in halloween costumes

Halloween fun at the HRC

Residents and staff at Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center had a great time on Halloween. So many funny and scary costumes, a best dressed could not be chosen. Thank you to everyone who helped make this day amazing for the residents and also who participated in the haunted house the other day.

spooky: group of people dressed in halloween costumes

A spooky performance

The other day, a group of talented performers from Cordia came and put on such a wonderful spooky Halloween show for the residents at Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center. Thank you so much for entertaining everyone.

food: group of people wearing blue shirts smiling at the camera

Happy Food and Nutrition Services Week

October 7 – 11 is Food and Nutrition Services Week. Staff and residents at Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center are so proud of their hard working staff and wanted to celebrate them. It is amazing how they are able to prepare three meals and three snacks a day for 190 residents and also staff. Plus…

routines: Smiling senior patient sitting on wheelchair with nurse supporting her. Doctor looking at elderly patient on a wheelchair in the garden. Nurse holding hand of mature woman outside pension home.

Caregiving routines make daily life easier

Routines make daily life simpler and smoother for caregivers which is in fact a top priority when caring for an older adult. Daily routines can reduce uncertainty, arguments, and decision-making, which in turn can reduce the overall stresses of life. 5 ways routines can make life simpler are: Stop the power struggle – people hate…

life: Senior Couple Sitting On Outdoor Seat Together Laughing

5 ways to improve Senior quality of life

Good quality of life is important when it comes to older adults dealing with chronic health conditions and major life changes. Having that feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment is important for overall well-being. Having a positive view of life can help seniors with more energy, less stress, better appetite, and prevent cognitive decline. 5 ways…

black: a float in a parade

Black Gold Party 2019

The other day, residents and staff at Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center enjoyed a day full of festivities. It began with the Black Gold Parade where the facility put together a float and residents got to go for a ride. Then the fun flowed over to the facility where there was a Black Gold party…

three women serving Ice Cream

Ice Cream social

Residents and staff at Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center would like to thank Hospice of the Bluegrass Care Navigators staff for treating the faciity to an ice cream social the other day. Everyone had a wonderful time eating their delicious treats.

Grandparents: an older woman with a young girl smiling at the camera

Grandparents day at the facility

Last week, residents at Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center enjoyed Grandparents Day with their grandchildren. There was even a craft set up for all to participate in; decorating a picture frame. Thank you to all who came out and participated in this special day.