Volunteer: two ladies holding boxes and cupcakes

Volunteer Appreciation Month

Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center celebrated Volunteer Appreciation Month by taking the cadets at PCC JROTC some treats and cupcakes to thank them for their hard work and dedication to the residents. Thank you for giving up your time to be with the residents.

Administrative: four women smiling at the camera with a cake in front

Happy Administrative Professional Day

On April 24, staff and residents of Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center celebrated Administrative Professional Day. Nicole Berrong, Anna Ritchie, Tiffany Fugate, Glenna Collins, & Holly Eastman & Kagan Bowling, not pictured. Everyone at the facility appreciates you ladies and your hard work.

Easter: woman and an easter bunny sitting on a couch

Happy Easter from Hazard HRC

The other day, residents and staff from Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center celebrated Easter with photos. The Easter bunny walked around the whole facility to take pictures with all of the residents bringing smiles to faces. Even the facility dog had some fun with the bunny.

Prom: a group of older people and younger people dancing

Rootin Tootin Prom 2019

Howdy Partners. Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center made it to the Country Western Hoedown (Hazard Perry Co Senior Citizen Center Inter-generational Prom) the other evening. Many residents had a wonderful time at the prom with dancing and talking to the youths of Perry County. An amazing evening to get out and have a laugh or…

Volunteer: a group of people in a dining hall

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Staff and residents at Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center love their amazing volunteers. They help in so many ways that the facility wants to show their appreciation for their commitment to the residents. The other night, Hazard HRC threw their 2019 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner for all of those who volunteered this past year. Thank you…

Autism Awareness: people in shades of blue shirts with colorful puzzle pieces

Autism Awareness Day 2019

Staff of Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center wore blue shirts with colorful puzzle pieces at work in support of Autism Awareness Day. Since 2008, people around the world take part in this special day to raise awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It was first brought up by royal members from Qatar at the United…

Social Worker: woman holding a white and pink sheet cake up

Happy Social Worker Month 2019

March is National Social Worker Month and Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center would like to recognize their social worker, Susan Smith. The facility is blessed to have someone who loves the residents so much and always goes above and beyond to help them. Thanks, Susan, for all you do every day.

Residents: older man in a bluejean jacket playing the guitar

Residents enjoy the Outside

The sun was finally out the other day, so residents and staff at Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center took advantage of the beautiful day. There was music being played, lounging in the sun, even the resident dog laid out and enjoyed the beautiful weather. The amazing weather is getting everyone excited for all the time…