Spirit Week: group of people dressed in grass skirts and lays

Spirit Week

From July 29 through August 2, residents and staff participated in Spirit Week. Each day had its own theme and every one had a great time participating. Monday was Crazy Hair & Hat day, Tuesday was Tie-Dye day, Wednesday was PJ day, Thursday was Twinning day, and Friday was Aloha Day.

donation: boxes full of cookies

Donation of Cookies

Staff at Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center would like to send a huge shout out to the Viper Family Dollar Store #12293 for their donation. Thank you so much to Heidi Miller, Lisa Lucas, and the rest of the employees there for collecting cookies to be distributed to the residents.

Lunch: two women sitting in a booth eating food and smiling at the camera

Out for Lunch

The residents at Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center had a great time at lunch. Including staff, they went to La Pena’s in Hazard for some delicious Mexican food. Shout out to the staff for making sure they had such a great day.

Rehabilitation Center: an older woman's hands holding a cane and sitting

Questions to ask when choosing a Rehabilitation Center

When searching for a rehabilitation center for your loved one, it is best that you visit several facilities. There is the possibility that your first choice doesn’t have an open spot and should have a back-up. Before choosing a facility, you should ask these questions: Is the facility accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation…

Long-Term Care: Senior Couple Sitting On Outdoor Seat Together Laughing

Choosing a Long-Term Care facility

There are two types of long-term care facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) and Residential Care/Assisted Living. Licensed SNFs provide 24-hour skilled nursing care either in a nursing home or a convalescent hospital. Residential Care/Assisted Living is a licensed facility that provides 24-hour non-medical care and supervision for individuals needing assistance with activities of daily living.…

Physical Therapy: an older man holding a ball in his hand

Why Physical Therapy for Older Adults is Important

Many people don’t feel the need to keep in physical shape when they get older. Consequently, many of those older adults end up needing to use a walker, fall more often, and become depressed. The best person for any grandparent is to get a physical therapist that specializes in geriatrics. Like those you find in…

Walker Fall: an older gentleman in a hospital gown using a walker

9 ways to prevent a fall

It’s reported that one out of three seniors will fall this year and fewer than half will mention it to their doctors. Falls are one of the biggest causes for injuries that can result in hip fractures, cuts, and serious head/brain injuries. Here are some tips to help prevent a fall: Clean up clutter: keep…

Health Facility: A teenage girl, her mother and grandmother looking at old photographs at home. Family and generations concept.

Key Facts into picking a Health Facility

Health facilities or health care facilities are places that provide health care. That include hospitals, clinics, outpatient care centers, and specialized care centers. When you choose a health facility, you might want to consider: How close it is to where you live or work Whether your health insurance will pay for services there Whether your…